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In the complex world of website development, the one true king of platforms has always been WordPress. This is due to its customizability as well as its ease of use. In 2019, there are millions of premade templates that serve every range of user. With WordPress being the king, there are also additional complexities involved in using the platform. When looking for a web design company, it’s important to understand how they use their tools, and what you are entitled to. This is because while WordPress may be host to lots of free plugins and themes, they are compromised every day. That means with each additional plugin installed on your site you are opening up your page to additional risk. Working with a WordPress web design company that is experienced in mitigating security risks becomes crucial, as your site can be super fast and responsive, but if it’s hacked, it’s useless.

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We offer world class WordPress design services to anyone in need. No website is too big or too small for us to work on. With our design services you are entitled to full customization in any way that you want your site to look. You will work directly with your project manager to explain the goals of the page and we will make sure your design is exactly how you want it. We have years of experience creating WordPress sites, so believe us when we say there’s a way to implement whatever idea you have. Not only do you get the customizability of the WordPress platform, but you will also receive leading edge advice about your content and structure.

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Once your website is designed the way that you want it, we get to work on developing. This process usually takes a few weeks, as we’re coding the functionality of your website and confirming that everything is working as it should be. There’s nothing worse than a website that looks great, but doesn’t function. We aim to ensure that the highest quality of work is placed into everything we touch, because we know that a non-functioning website is useless.

Once we feel that the website is in perfect shape we will send it to you in a demo version (a non-live website available on a subdomain) for your review. This is where you will be able to see how your website actually functions. You can treat it like any other website – view it on a phone or tablet to ensure that it is mobile responsive. Use the call functions to make sure the phone number goes to your phone, or even submit a form to make sure that it’s working properly.

Once we have your approval of the demo version of your site we will begin the launch process. This is usually a quick turnaround, but it’s very important that we take the necessary steps to ensure a smooth transition from an old website to a new one. Don’t worry, we’ve done this lots of times before, so we have a pretty good handle on ensuring nothing goes wrong.

After that you’re all set! It’s time to share your new website with friends, family, coworkers, associates, or anyone who will listen. Get some traffic to your site & feel relieved knowing your keeping up with the modern digital world. We can’t wait to begin working with you!